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Upcoming Events...
I have several clinic options which will be posted throughout the year, such as Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Offline Ground Work, where you will learn how to gain control & respect on the ground & how this transfers to the saddle. Some of the things we will cover in ground work are; teaching your horse to come when called, ground tying, lifting feet on a verbal cue, trailer loading with a simple cue, distraction training, obstacle training, etc. Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Bridleless Riding, where you will learn how to ride naturally with confidence & balance, which will eliminate those sore ankles, backs & behinds. How to create a light, responsive horse, obstacle & distrction training, trail riding tips, etc.
These fun shows are a terrific way to spend the day with friends & family, to challenge yourself & your horse, & to increase communication, knowledge & your skill levels. You will see that our horses find it just as exciting as we do, & these games increase ground & saddle respect in your horses naturally! Anyone interested in hosting these clinics or shows, please contact me.
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