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Does your horse have any naughty habits?
Does your horse bite, kick, rear, buck, balk, bolt, jig,
spook, head shy, hard to catch, won't stand for the
vet/farrier, buddy/barn/gate sour or refuse to
trailerload, cross obstacles, ditches or water?
The great news is that I can help you
understand why your horse elicits these
behaviors so you can learn how to correct
them without force, fear or gadgets
Throw away your whips, spurs, martingales,
tiedowns & harsh bits & prepare to learn things
that will change your life & view of horses
About me...
After many years of training horses for people & returning them when the work was completed, I realized there had to be a better way. I grow attached to every horse I work with & the horses to me. It always broke my heart, to see the look on their faces as they left because they had built trust & confidence through my methods & were now being unintentionally forced to do things by their owners. I decided to stop teaching horses & to begin teaching horse owners how to better understand their horses wants & needs, thereby dramatically reducing problem behaviors & increasing safety as a result.
You don't have to own a round pen, an arena or expensive toys to work with your horse, we can work anywhere that's convenient for you. If round pen work is something that you're interested in, I can teach you how to do it without a round pen. You won't have to buy any fancy tack or equipment. The only requirements are that you have a halter & a lead rope that's at least twelve feet long, a bridle & saddle. I am also fully insured.

I begin every session with some basic horse psychology, to help you understand the type of personality you're dealing with, and the best ways to be effective with that particular type of horse. We'll discuss the do's & don'ts of working with your horse & about using pressure & reward techniques. We'll discuss how to accomplish your goal(s) in easy ways & I'll show you that force, fear & pain are unnecessary.
What can you expect from a session?