Do you want to ride more naturally, with better balance, softer cues, a more
responsive horse and do much better in the show ring? Riding lessons progress
from Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Collected to Bridleless
Ground work lessons progress from Novice,
Intermediate & Advanced to Offline
Or you can create your own lesson content to learn about anything
that's of interest to you. I can help you with pleasure, trail, jumping,
barrels, horsemanship, trailer loading, spooking, aggression, etc.
I can teach you how to create a safe responsive horse that is a dream to own through patience, understanding & positive reinforcement.

I can teach you the steps to creating a partnership with your horse, by building mutual trust & respect while you're creating a great foundation to build upon for the future.

My programs are individually designed to help you reach your personal goals in a timeframe that suits your lifestyle.

These programs will enhance ground & riding performance in any discipline.

Once you begin to understand how horses think, & what causes them to behave as they do, an exciting new world of endless possibilities will open up for both of you.
Here are some examples of how we might achieve...

Trailer loading is one of the biggest hurdles horse owners face. We often feel we need to force our horses into the trailer. One of the ways I deal with trailer loading, is that I believe in the power of timely approach & retreat as opposed to bribery or force. You would be amazed at how this method will inspire your horse with each new approach, & in the end, you will have a horse that will quietly load in a relaxed & willing state of mind.

Another hurdle is horses that will push into you, step on you & nibble at your clothing. Most people consider this to be disrespectful behavior, but it's often a conditioned response. A common reaction to dealing with these "disrespectful" horses, is to push back & hit the horse. What we don't realize, is that the horse has inadvertently been taught that these behaviors are ok & normal. It is very simple to recondition the horse without force or pain, simply by using a slight movement of your arm to create invisible pressure.

Trick training is another example of what can be accomplished quite easily, by simply experimenting with what motivates your horse. If we wanted to teach our horse to smile, for example, a good motivational tool might be to use a feather to tickle their upper lip.

If force doesn't accomplish what you're trying to achieve, I would suggest trying the opposite approach. Happy trails.

Here are some of the different program topics:
  • Basic horse psychology about wants, needs, motivation, respect & what your horse is trying to tell you, as we progress through the sessions
  • Teaching the hard to catch horse to come to us
  • Gaining respect & control on the ground & how this transfers to the saddle
  • Teaching tools that we can use on the ground & in the saddle to keep ourselves safe & help our horse work through scary situations calmly
  • Different ways of building confidence for yourself & for your horse
  • Problem solving
  • Teaching our horse to stand quietly for the vet, farrier, mounting, grooming, etc.
  • Trailer loading
  • Crossing obstacles, bridges, ditches, through gates, water, etc.
  • Working through different types of distractions.
  • Riding with balance & confidence
  • Smooth transitions, sidepassing, flying leads, collection, rating at all gaits, giving to the bit, etc.